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demo live single.
вообще когда писалсь эта песня конкретному человку, мне казалось, что не один я могу испытывать такие чувства.

так мало слов, чтоб выразить свою любовь...
так много эмоций, чтоб просто жить и не сойти с ума...
так родилась эта песня...
одиночество слишком скомпрессировано...
иногда кажется, нет сил не видеть и ждать
"в тебе" живет ветер...
живет stereo...
в твоих дневниках,
твоих слезах,
твоих мыслях,
звонком смехе,
самых очаровательных улыбках

вконтакте - http://vkontakte.ru/club5350886
ifolder - http://ifolder.ru/13122196

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so junky

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...thinking that it's time to *work* too much.
First of all, it's because of understanding and analysis of past
two, three years of my life and my world. Of course it's not the storm in my cup, but maybe the stimulus to live and create. Sometimes it's too hard, and I think that it's not the time or smth f.cking else, but it's time to move, maybe the falling is the upper step for future dreams.
I will move my way and nobody can stop me.
After English version single, or maybe album, I'm going to make a
clip (I don't know what my band think about it, but I have good idea) and continue to write my book.
Underground makes me feel the Individual Person!

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I so fed up of these fucking dreams and smth I don't know...
A lot of people are telling me how to live and how to do these-those actions-doings, .... So much 4 letters words.... Maybe I want to have a holiday for some weeks or maybe new girlfriend, I don't know. Comeback from Turkey didn't give me enough energy for creation, maybe guitar, empty flat and 4 walls will give it me.

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So fast life:))
Nature, cycling, sex, studioworking, new songs, clubs, disco, spring, swimming-pool...
I love eveything and hope that everything loves me...


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Today is a really good day! I'm enough happy. Amazing sex, good music, new contacts, new StereoLondon songs... I fond of these spring days. Too much events, and too much actions.
I bought a new guitar, of course it's telecaster again. The main instrument of britpopers:)) In present time we are going to record EP with our english version songs. We find a temporary drumer, so I hope we will do the best and before our June holidays (I planned) abroad with Teddy - the EP guitars and drum tracks will be mastered.
I don't know fortunately or not, but according our repetition records we play grunge. Maybe The Vines and Radiohead - are the reason of our present conseption. I don't know exactly.

...... happy days)))

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So after covers to Radiohead, The Kooks, Bloc Party, Stereophonics, U2, Maroon5, ...
Our indie band "StereoLondon" is going to do own songs. There are a lot of ideas.
That's really strange, we begin to play little differently after playing english indie pop groups.
So perhaps, in the March we'll begin to record our first single.
Fortunately, we have no producer and we have enough time to do the best versions of our songs.

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StereoLondon - Indie, guitars, romanticism, metrosex, jeans, poetry, extremal sex, dreams, cycling, black-and-white photo, noise, loneliness, noise-void, belief in the reality of miracles...

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