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...thinking that it's time to *work* too much. First of all, it's… - Dendix
...thinking that it's time to *work* too much.
First of all, it's because of understanding and analysis of past
two, three years of my life and my world. Of course it's not the storm in my cup, but maybe the stimulus to live and create. Sometimes it's too hard, and I think that it's not the time or smth f.cking else, but it's time to move, maybe the falling is the upper step for future dreams.
I will move my way and nobody can stop me.
After English version single, or maybe album, I'm going to make a
clip (I don't know what my band think about it, but I have good idea) and continue to write my book.
Underground makes me feel the Individual Person!

Current Mood: cold cold
Current Music: Zemfira

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From: bonefixture Date: October 3rd, 2008 02:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
Очень понравился ваш ЖЖ, я вас зафренжу и было бы круто если бы вы ответили взаимно;)
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